July 28, 2013

Preparing for Jack's Generic Triathlon

Having recovered from the Marble Falls Triathlon and getting into marathon training, I'm now gearing up for Jack's Generic Triathlon.  This one will be an actual Olympic distance race back at Lake Pflugerville.  I've been talking to my marathon coach about what happened during the Marble Falls race and she suggested trying salt tablets.  As I am a heavy sweater, she suggested that I may be losing too many electrolytes during exertion and this might be a good way to supplement that.  Especially with the heat we're dealing with.

I bought some and have found that they make a difference.  I started looking for a better way to carry these during a race, especially on the bike.  My research lead me to the Salt Stick dispenser.  It carries 6 tablets, dispenses them with a twist, and can be carried, mounted, or even inserted into a bar end.  I think this might be a game changer.  Guess I'll get to try it out soon.

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