July 23, 2013

Marble Falls Triathlon Race Report

Well, that was one of the more challenging races I've done...And that's why I do multiple races in a season. It was a tough race.  For some reason, the swim was challenging.  I guess I'm still not quite comfortable in the water.  The bike wasn't too tough by itself.  However I think I expended too much energy attacking the hills and wore myself out.  I was trying to maintain a certain average speed and I think that caused me to go hard on some of the hills.  And there were a lot of them.  I felt like I had rode pretty hard and when I got into T2, my legs were already cramping.  Not good.  I knew the run was going to suck.  It did.  I had a decent pace for the first couple of miles, then everything started to fall apart.  I was having serious cramps in my quads and I was just worn out.  I was able to slog through the run that wound through a residential neighborhood and ended with a steep hill up to the finish.  After a little active recovery massage at the finish, I started the hour long drive back.  Overall, the results were not great.  I was toward the bottom of my age group and overall didn't feel great about the race in general.  Oh well, I've got more races to come.  I earned some good food, beer and a nap. Oh yeah, and an ice bath.


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