August 21, 2013

Time Trial & Brick Workouts

A couple of updates from this week.  As part of marathon training, we have to do a 2 mile time trial.  We're supposed to run this as hard as we can consistently for those two miles. This allows us to establish a baseline for which we can predict what my target goal pace will be for 10K, half-marathon, and of course the marathon.  I pushed really hard and finished in just under 16 minutes.  I felt really good about that.  I'm getting faster and stronger and might be able to set a good PR for the Dallas marathon.

The triathlon club I'm a part of offers free brick workouts every Wednesday night.  I joined for the first time this week.  It was good, tough workout.  We had timed bike, followed by a timed run.  The bike time got progressively shorter and faster while the run stayed the same.  We practiced the transition between each.  It was tough and probably not the best idea to do this the day after my time trial.  But I really enjoyed and am looking forward to doing more of these the rest of the season.

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