April 16, 2013

Spokes 'N Spurs

I did another organized ride that I've done in the past. The Spokes 'n Spurs ride is a multi-distance ride through the Texas hill country.  It also has a supported brick run after it with the ability to practice transition.  I chose the 26 mile bike and 10K brick run.

I had a pretty fast and solid bike.  It was my first time with my new aero bars, so it took a little getting used to.  There were parts of the course that were bad roads with a lot of loose gravel.  Overall, I felt pretty good about that bike.

I had pretty smooth transition into the run and I was off.  It was a pretty solid run at a good pace.  It was getting hot by then and I was starting to feel it.  By mile 5, I was starting to slow.  I kept pushing through and was able to finish strong.  This gave me a lot of confidence going into my first Olympic distance triathlon.

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