April 18, 2013

Preparing for Kemah

I've been both anxious and excited about the upcoming Kemah triathlon.  I'm nervous about the swim.  It's an open water, point-to-point swim in Galveston bay.  They take you out on a boat and you swim back in. I've never done that distance before and it will be my first wetsuit swim.  I feel like I'm confident on the bike and run.  If I can just make it through the swim I'll be good.  My swim training has been good, by my standards, but I'm one of the slower people in my training group.  I'm not planing on setting any records or contending for a podium spot.  I would like to not be below average though.  I'll give it the best effort I can and we'll just see what happens.  I've got a good season planned and, while this will be the first race of the season, it's not my "A" race.  Just stay positive and have fun.

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