March 14, 2014

IMTX training volume/reduction from marathon training

I had a good but tough run today. The nagging injury seems to be getting a little better. I'm dealing with it at least.  I've had to adjust my training a bit.  I've got my triathlon specific training that I'm doing.  My run training is with the marathon group.  I've come to realize (with the help of my coach) that doing the marathon training workouts exactly is not a good plan.  It's not taking into account that I'm biking and swimming as well as running.  My long runs for marathon training have been far more than what my Ironman training plan is calling for.  I think in the end I'll benefit from having more distance in my early base phase, but I'm realizing now I can't sustain this.  So the Ironman training wins out and I'll adjust accordingly.

I'm also able to get outside more and do some cycling, though it's still pretty cold and nasty.  I've also started attending the group open water swims my triathlon club hosts.  This first one was a little brutal.  The water temperature was in the mid-50's.  It was hard to deal with and I didn't end up doing much.  At least now I know what that feels like and how I can deal with it.  I also know I need an insulated swim cap!

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