September 3, 2013

TriRock Austin

I had a pretty good race at TriRock.  Most notably, I had the best swim I've had.  It wasn't great by any standards (other than mine) but I felt great throughout.  I was steady and consistent and didn't stop until I got to the swim exit.  I felt more comfortable and, by extension, was faster than I've been in any race.  All that work has apparently paid off.  My transitions have even gotten better.  The bike was relatively good.  I had some challenges with some road hazards.  While I didn't flat out, fortunately, but after the race I discovered my front wheel was out of true and rubbing the brake.  I'm not sure how long it had been that way.  I went over the same bad area of road three times.  That could have been part of the reason I wasn't as fast as I wanted to be.

The other could have been that I was focused on the run.  I kept reminding myself that I was riding to run, not for a good bike split.  I wanted to have a race where I didn't blow up on the run.  I didn't quite realize this goal.  I blew up on the last mile, but was able to dig deep and finish strong through the last stretch.  I was relatively happy with my time overall, especially my swim time.  It was a good race and good reflection of both how far I've come in a year and how much more I can go.

Me and training group partner Stacy.

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