May 5, 2013

Midnight Moontower Run

Rogue Running was hosting a free, supported half-marathon (with other distances) starting a midnight. The course went through east Austin, campus and south Austin stopping at the majority of the moontowers (cue Dazed and Confused reference).  At the end, there was to be beer and breakfast tacos.

I think this was some of the most fun I'd had on a long run.  We started out going through the hip east Austin bar district where everyone, both on traffic and foot, were in shock/awe/surprised curiosity of the mass of runners decked in glow strips running through the streets.  Then through the neighborhoods where some parties were happening and we got some curious and enthusiastic reactions.  As we made our way over to the UT campus, the city was going to sleep. Everything was shutting down. We went up to the UT tower around 1:00 where we discovered a game of cricket being played on the plaza.  We watched that briefly before setting out again.

As we went through the heart of campus, we passed numerous parties where we got a lot of cheers.  Coming back into downtown, we lost some members of our group as they turned off for the shorter routes.  Just before 2:00, when most of the bars close, we were on west 6th street dodging mass groups of drunks on the streets and sidewalks. As we crossed the river, it was as if we were in a different city altogether.  A city that had gone to bed a long time ago.  It was so quiet.  It was like that through the rest of neighborhoods.  We saw animal control slowly chasing a dog up and down a street. Other than that, it was pretty deserted.

When I finally finished, I had run a half marathon.  It was around 2:45.  I was looking forward to a beer and breakfast tacos.  Unfortunately the beer was gone and the tacos, almost gone and cold.  Oh well.  It was still one of the most fun runs I've had.

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