December 27, 2013

New Bike

Merry Christmas to me!  I went over to a local tri-shop as I was visiting the in-laws for Christmas.  I heard about this particular shop and wanted to check it out.  I was also going to start looking for a new bike.  It was time to get a real tri-bike and it wouldn't hurt to see what they had to offer.  The guy I worked with was great.  He had me fitted on a few bikes and then, went out to test ride about 4-5 different bikes.  We kept doing this, each time he would tell me to focus on some other aspects; how they turned, how they shifted, how they felt, etc.  We did this for a good hour and half until I found the one I like.  All of the bikes felt great; like I was riding a fine, fast piece of machinery.  But this one just felt like an extension of me.  It was a great deal, it felt amazing, it wasn't going to get any better than that.  So I'm now the proud owner of this...

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